The sound of Méliès

How do you create a soundtrack for a silent film? Join silent film musician Kjetil Schjander Luhr and composer Kristin Bolstad when they create and perform new music and sound effects to Georges Méliès’ famous silent classic A Trip to the Moon. The result will be available exclusively on our website from May 3rd to 17th.

About the project

For many years Kjetil Schjander Luhr and Kristin Bolstad have created and performed live scores along to a large number of silent films, including screenings for children and young adults.

Between May 3rd and 17th you have a unique possibility to see their latest project online at The Sound of Méliès. We offer an exclusive and free screening of the color version of the science fiction classic A Trip to the Moon (1902), directed by the great illusionist of cinema, Georges Méliès. In addition to the original film with the brand new soundtrack, you will also find a short behind the scenes-documentary about the creative process and the inspiration behind the music and sound effects.

About the film

At a time when many film pioneers were still recording small everyday events with their cameras, Méliès was already experimenting with more advanced storytelling. Many of his film prints were colored by hand, frame by frame. A Trip to the Moon is one of his most famous films. The inspiration came from a wide variety of sources, including Jules Verne’s novels From the Earth to the Moon (1865) and Around the Moon (1870) and H.G. Wells’ The First Men in the Moon (1901). The moon creatures are played by acrobats from the famous Folies Bergère in Paris. The main character, Professor Barbenfouillis, is played by Méliès himself.

En romrakett landet på månen. Månen ser ut som et ansikt, og raketten lander rett i øyet på ansiktet.