Abstrakt bilde.

Strategies for Composing in Optical Time

En kveld der vi i samarbeid med Norske Grafikere viser et utvalg arbeider som sammen understreker koblingen mellom grafisk komposisjon og konstruksjon av bilder.

In collaboration with Norske Grafikere, a selection of amazing works produced with a range of techniques, many particular to the artist. Creative strategies include printing colour variations, investigation with an electron microscope, drawing with light using computerised devices, and the assemblage of downloaded images. These pieces constitute a beautiful bouquet of mind blowing films emphasising the connection between graphic composition and the construction of images in time.

Yantra, USA 1950-57, regi: James Whitney, 16mm, 8min

Influenced by Jungian psychology, alchemy, yoga, Tao, and Krishnamurti, Whitney spent seven years making this hypnotic masterpiece.

Lapis, USA 1963-66, regi: James Whitney, 16mm, 10min

The title refers to the Philosopher’s Stone or transmutation medium in Alchemy. The imagery is devoted to centric, circular patterns (like yantra-mandalas) and the film itself suggests a cyclical structure.

Elli, Nederland 2015-16, regi: Ester Urlus, 16mm, 8min

The camera looks out at the sea as Urlus experiments with optical colour printing and overlays using various flicker effects.

Set, USA 2016, regi: Peter Miller, 16mm, 10min

A collective sunset created using thousands of downloaded individual images.

Atlas, Belgia 2016, regi: Anouk De Clercq, 16mm, 6.5min

A macroscopic tale of the world; exploring the surface of a single frame of 16mm film through an electron microscope

#11 Marey ↔Moiré, Nederland 1999, regi: Joost Rekveld, 35mm, 21min

A result of Rekveld’s deep inquiries into the origins of cinema, early optical experiments and the search for pure film. We are taken on a kaleidoscopic voyage through a labyrinth of multiple rotating lines, moving intersections and immense colour palettes.

Teknisk informasjon om filmen Strategies for Composing in Optical Time
Attributt Verdi
Produsert Diverse 1950
Regi Diverse
Aldersgrense 15 år


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