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Pulsos Subterráneos

Velkommen til The Dream that Kicks med visning av film og live opptreden med den meksikanske kunstneren og filmskaperen Elena Pardo.

Using three 16mm projectors with live and recorded sound, Pardo investigates the history and contemporary struggles connected to the Zacatecas and Oaxaca mining areas in Mexico. Pardo’s work portrays a communities’ resistance to corporate mining and their defense of its life and culture. Pulsos Subterráneos seeks to understand the struggle to protect the territory through the stories told by its inhabitants and the experiences evoked by its landscapes.

Working in a semi-improvised way, each performance is unique; the editing (of projected film loops) fluctuates according to the live sound, the location, and the reactions of the audience.

Pardo has been making films since 2001, she is a founding member of cinema collective Trinchera Ensambleand has been instrumental in creating and promoting the artist-run film lab Laboratorio Experimental de Cine in Mexico City.

Teknisk informasjon om filmen Pulsos Subterráneos
Attributt Verdi
Spilletid 0t 40m (40 minutter)
Produsert Mexico 2022
Regi Elena Pardo
Visningsformat 16mm