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Woman + Aftertalk with Iselin Shumba and others

The vision behind the documentary ‘Woman’ was to give women a space to tell their stories.

In cooperation with Europafilm and the feminist magazine Altså, Mel’s RadioStation have invited actress and activist Iselin Shumba and photographer Katrine Eltvik, two of Altså’s writers, to share their stories and reflect on women`s rights and issues in these coronatimes. Melanie Ekholdt, child psychiatrist and founder of Mel’s Radiostation have chosen filmproducer and actor Jonas Lund as co-host, as he represents the new male voices, wanting equality between man and woman.

It is well known that during war and other big crises, the possibilities for women to share their perspectives is restricted. The corona crisis itself stopped the launch of Woman here in Norway. Now that the Norwegian society is re-opening, it is time to gather again and share our stories and take action.

To end the event, the dancing couple «Team Lost» is going to do a short performance, as their acrobatic dance can be a symbol of what can happen if a woman`s power is supported by the surroundings.

Europafilm is the eldest film distribution company in Norway, but is still innovating and offer a digital platform for cooporation with people organizing reflective talks around emotional strong documentaries. So we can all watch it together, in the digital space or in a physical space. The aftertalk will be livestreamed.

At 18:30 start of the film

At 20:15 livestreaming of the talk here:

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Teknisk informasjon om filmen Woman. Documentary + Aftertalk
Attributt Verdi
Spilletid 1t 45m (105 minutter)
Produsert Frankrike 2019
Regi Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Anastasia Mikova

Norma Bastidas, Gabriela Melgoza, Aleksandra Orbeck-Nilssen, Virginie Raisson

Tale Engelsk, fransk, spansk
Tekst Norsk
Aldersgrense 12 år
Visningsformat DCP
Lyd Stereo
Bildeformat 1.85:1


  • Mandag 15.06.2020 18:30 Tancred  

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