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Student Shorts A

Six student shorts.

To ansikt.

Directed by: Marion Renard
Produced by: Vincent Canart

A pop tale about emergence of sexuality and self-acceptance.

During her first sexual experience, a teenage girl discovers she has a disturbing skill… A queer, pop and fantastic tale about emergence of sexuality and self-acceptance.

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I Am Not A Monster
Directed by: Grace Quilligan
Produced by: Conor Patrick Byrne & Rachel McGill

A young man returns home uninvited to his brother’s engagement dinner only to find himself fighting for his sanity against the violent, mind controlling growth on the back of his head.

Kvinne med lommelykt.

Directed by: Vidar T. Aune
Produced by: Vidar T. Aune & Mathias Dahlstrøm

A girl wakes up at night when her bedroom door creaks open.

Mystisk rom.

Directed by: Talon Darren Winsnes
Produced by: Marius Seierstad Vold

In the dark, everything becomes clear.

Lea is trying to start her life over after a traumatic event. But when she comes home, strange things occur. Now she has to find her inner strength to fight the monster that is haunting her.

Sinna person.

Directed by: Zahra Rostampour
Produced by: Zahra Rostampour

Who is the big bad wolf?

A hungry wolf gets stuck in stereotypes about being the big bad wolf of the story. She has to flee when everybody accuses her to violence and murder. She faces the danger of getting killed.

Mørkt rom.

Thirty Pieces
Directed by: James Weir
Produced by: Nathaniel Kelly

Who do you think I am?

The leader of a tight-knit bible study for drug addicts has his generosity tested to the ultimate degree when he’s asked to do a criminal, but potentially soul-saving, favor for one his members.

Teknisk informasjon om filmen Student Shorts A
Attributt Verdi
Spilletid 1t 23m (83 minutter)
Produsert Div
Regi Marion Renard mfl
Tale Div
Tekst Engelsk
Aldersgrense 18 år

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