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New Irish Short Films

CANCELLED. This Irish Embassy has decided to cancel all events related to St. Patrick’s Day, including this screening. The films will be screened at a later date.

The Embassy of Ireland in Norway with support from Screen Ireland invite you to an evening of Irish short film – the perfect way to prepare for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. We will be showcasing the very best Irish short films from the past year with a mixture of live action and animation, providing a glimpse of contemporary Irish life and film.

The films

Bainne. Director: Jack Reynor. 17 mins.

Mary. Director: Shaun O'Connor, 7 mins.

Kvinne som holder noe.

Procession. Director: Jeda de Brí. 6 mins.

Noen ser på tv.

The Wiremen. Director: Jessica Patterson. 9 mins.

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Spilletid 1t 30m (90 minutter)


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