Underlig skapning.

Animation Shorts

Program of animation shorts.

Jente med rød hånd.

Red Hands
Directed by: Francesco Filippi
Produced by: Michele Fasano

A mysterious power in her hands.

Luna is a mysterious girl who has the magic power to produce a vivid red color from her hands. But behind her gift there is a painful situation.

Svevende skapning.

Directed by: Anna Radchenko & Mikhail Svjatogor
Produced by: Anastasia Limarenko

Kokosmos is a purely visual, experimental piece inspired by space and our fascination with the unknown. A surreal fantasy aimed to extend our perception of reality by letting us wonder over the existence of a higher being and our connection with her.

Mystisk statue.

Tacit Blue
Directed by: Wenkai Duan
Produced by: Lei Wang

When the daughter pointed the gun at her father.

Carl goes to a deserted site to rescue his daughter Alice who was kidnapped. But his enemy transformed Carl’s daughter and turned her into a killing machine, she pointed the gun at Carl…

En astronaut.

Odds and Evens
Directed by: Michał Czyz
Produced by: Michał Czyz

A story of a nameless astronaut’s journey through the universe and beyond human’s comprehension.

To vesener.

Directed by: Sava Zivkovic
Produced by: Sava Zivkovic

A story of emotional weight one carries within, and the hardships when striving to rid oneself of it.

Underlig skapning.

Directed by: Kun Xia
Produced by: Kun Xia

Journey through space and the process of creation with animated discordant, combine with abstract imagery with symbolism storytelling.

En person ser på noe rart.

Directed by: Paul James
Produced by: Tony Leslie

A young girl fights for a sense of belonging.

Struggling with adoption a young girl finds solace in the creepy crawly world under the rocks.

En romreisende.

Spice Frontier
Directed by: Jalil Sadool & Adam Meyer
Produced by: STEAMROLLER Studios

Over a century has passed since the destruction of Earth. Without a home planet, humans now live among the thirty-eight known alien species. Kent Williams, a struggling chef, leads a disparate band of adventurers aboard their ship, The Serrano. Eager to discover the culinary secrets of his ancestors, Kent and his cyborg companion, C-LA, traverse the cosmos in search of rare Earth spices.


Potion: Dark Matter
Directed by: Annie Maley
Produced by: Annie Maley

The Exoplanet Travel Bureau offers tours of our galaxy and beyond. This season, they present 3 possible holidays within our own solar system — Mars, Jupiter, & the Grand Tour!

En dame i en sofa.

Wild Idyll
Directed by: Rom Montalban
Produced by: Fabrique Autonome des Acteurs

A woman emerges alone in a forgotten world with urban remains gradually invaded by a wild nature. Listening to the crows and to an old radio, she fades out a heavy loneliness, she dreams … and doesn’t know where the dream stops.

Underlig landskap.

Directed by: Raúl Koler & Emiliano Sette
Produced by: Francisco Zamudio, Yashira Jordán & Emiliano Sette

Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil, without any emotion and fulfilling their destiny, they put to test humanity’s happiness in a struggle that, in short, has each of us as winners and losers.

Noe langt ute i horisonten.

Directed by: Berkant Dumlu
Produced by: Berkant Dumlu & nekuto KlG

You knew it would come.

Tide is an experimental animation short that follows a man exposed to the rising danger of high tide in a vast land with seemingly nowhere to go.

Directed by: Bianca Calandra
Produced by: Bianca Calandra

A darkwave journey for dreamers & somnambulists…

A sleepwalker compelled along his path & accompanied by a strange entity, must pass through portals to multiple dimensions & ultimately a dark end.

Teknisk informasjon om filmen Animation Shorts
Attributt Verdi
Spilletid 1t 46m (106 minutter)
Produsert Div
Regi Francesco Filippi, mfl
Tale Div
Tekst Engelsk
Aldersgrense 15 år


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