Meget blek person strekker hånden opp.

2020 Alumni

Ti korte høydepunkter fra fjorårets Ravenheart festival.

Regi: Morten Haslerud

Anjelica loves everything old-fashioned and vintage, but when she buys an antique bathtub from a dead person’s estate, she learns that some old things have more soul than others.

En dame holder en telefon opp mot øret.

Regi: Chris Wilson, Briana Templeton & Gwynne Phillips

When Tom’s paranoia about being purposely poisoned at a dinner party gets out of control, everyone who intervenes pays the price. What happens when you don’t make eye contact while cheersing?

En forskrekket mannlig kokk med bart holder en mixmaster opp i været.

The Muffin Man
Regi: Ethan Blum

In this fake-trailer homage to 80s and 90s B-Horror, an evil baker unleashes his army of satanic muffins on the local townspeople.

En mann synker i havet. Gult lys i bakgrunnen.

Too Late
Regi: Roy Stein

Deep into the small hours of the night, drenched in black coffee and paperwork, a lonely office worker’s sanity starts to slip away.

En mann med bart har en hjelm på hodet som det henger to telefonledninger fra.

A Fair Deal
Regi: Garry Savenkov

Jan finds a flyer that offers him an irresistible offer: «A Time machine for only € 350». Although Jan knows that it can only be a joke, his curiosity forces him to stop by.

En animert mann peker med to pistoler, western-style.

The Box Assassin
Regi: Jeremy Schaefer

A pizza delivery boy finds himself in the middle of a clash between a gangster boss and legendary assassin who the boy has unknowingly delivered instead a pizza.

En kvinne ligger og en hånd drar i det ene øybrynet, mens en annen hånd peker på tungen hennes.

Fucking Down
Regi: Amanda Lago

Music Video – Fatal Tiger. Set in a futuristic dystopia era with a strong retro aesthetic. Through similar in appearance, each woman reflects a unique trait spanning across the whole spectrum of human emotions.

The Seahorse Trainer
Regi: Ricardo Bonisoli & Babak Bina

Enter the surreal and nautical world of Seamour. A lonely old man with a passion for training seahorses.

The Rave
Regi: Johannes Magnus Aule

A trio of young ravers pay a visit to a mysterious night club in the middle of nowhere and find themselves in the midst of a mysterious power that summons their inner demons.

Et hode med igjensydd munn og hvite øyne.

The Haunted Swordsman
Regi: Kevin McTurk

In this handcrafted epic puppet film set in a world of demons and ghosts, a lone samurai and his odd companion, a cursed severed head, seek vengeance in a haunted world.

Teknisk informasjon om filmen 2020 Alumni
Attributt Verdi
Spilletid 1t 36m (96 minutter)
Produsert Diverse 2020
Regi Diverse


Tale Diverse
Tekst Engelsk
Aldersgrense 15 år
Visningsformat DCP

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