Frame by Frame # 15

Frame by Frame # 15

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Frame by Frame # 15
9t 45min

10:30 - 11:15
Animated Norwegian Short films 2016-2017 - Pat 1

11:00 - 11:50 
- Portfolio discussions outside the cinema

12:00 - 14:30
- Hello
Norwegian Animation Industry Presentation with SagatoonMikrofilmAnimaskinQvisten AnimationKrystallplanetenMartine GrandeVolda HøgskolenFredrikstad Animation Festival and Westerdals 

 14:30-14:55  Break

 14:55 - 16:35
- First International Guest:  Michael Dudok de Wit

The famed Dutch director, based in London, will talk about his career and "the making of" of his first feature film The Red Turtle

Making of  Tipp Topp with director Jan Otto Ertesvåg

16:35 - 17:00  Break

17:00 - 18:35
- Animated Norwegian Short films 2016-2017 - Pat 2
We will have our 1 hour long personal selection of Norwegian shorts made this past year.
Making of  Odd er et egg  with author & illustrator of the book and art director of the film  Lisa Aisato

18:35 - 18:55 Break

18:55 - 20:15
- Second International Guest:  Denis Bouyer
Denis and his brother Marc are french directors, living in London.
Denis will talk about the making of their shorts films Meet Buck and Salesman Pete. He will also tell us about their company Steak.
Making of  Bøygen  with director Kristian Pedersen

20:15 - 20:30 Break

20:30 - 22:00
- Evening feature film screening, in collaboration with Filmenshus:  Long Way North
Directed by  Rémi Chayé , we are very pleased to screen this beautiful 2D feature film, in original language with Norwegian subtitles. 
(With your FxF ticket you get to see this film for free, but there is a limited amount of tickets available! First come first served!)

22:00 - 02:00
- Social gathering and lottery at Filmkafeen
- 22:30 lottery


Please follow us on to also see more details on each part of the program:


Ticket prices: 
300,- normal tickets

250,- student/group discount


FxF entrance ticket give you access to everything during the day, and also allows you to have discounted price at the bar for food and drinks. 


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